Minewise Technology’s BlackMap 3D scanner

by Kathrine Moore

Minewise’s BlackMap 3D scanner adds new detail and safety to stope scanning. Photo courtesy of Minewise Technology Ltd.

Providing industry with custom technical solutions since 1989, Minewise Technology Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture and service of 3D mapping and imaging systems for the mining industry. Minewise Technology attended PDAC 2019 and introduced their BlackMap 3D scanner to conference goers.

Minewise’s BlackMap 3D scanner delivers high-definition, 3D scanning and video imaging of virtually any area of under-ground workings with ease and speed. The company explains that “production stopes, ore passes, ventilation raises and other such voids are of key interest to engineering and survey departments and have in many cases been otherwise inaccessible using conventional surveying methods.”

The BlackMap 3D scanner is a versatile and innovative scanning tool for 3D imaging of mines. The scanner is built to work in rugged environments. Its tough body is milled from a single piece of 6061 aluminum and has been extensively tested to withstand the toughest conditions for long reliable service.

Stope scanning historically has been a tedious process yielding low detail results. By combining motorized mobility, high resolution 3D scanning and HD video feedback, the BlackMap scanner keeps surveyors at a safe distance from open brows while dramatically increasing information.

In recognition of the industry’s shift towards cost effective, automated solutions Minewise says that as a technological supplier the company strives to stay ahead of the curve in order to meet the rapidly growing demands of the industry.

The scanner rides on 29” diameter quick connect motorized wheels for superior ground clearance. The unique cam lock wheel mounts make for easy transport and fast deployment. It is agile and features the ability to be remotely deployed into laterally accessible stopes as well as dipped and vertical raises and passes. The axial configuration is designed symmetrically to allow for inversions during inspections and scans.

The BlackMap 3D Scanner’s resolution is up to 1/8 degree generating over 4 mil-lion points per scan in under 2 minutes. The unit comes with high intensity LED Lighting for navigating in dark areas. The light pans with the scan head and camera ensuring the video results are always crisp and well illuminated.

The BlackMap 3D scanner is an excellent addition to any surveying department’s tool set and is available for on-site demonstrations upon request.

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