GHH Mining Machine’s low and no emission load haul dumpers

GHH Mining Machine’s low and no emission load haul dumpers

by Kathrine Moore

GHH FAHRZEUGE, headquartered in Germany, develops and manufactures load haul dumpers (LHDs) and articulated dumpers as well as scalers and mixers for mining and tunneling. GHH Fahrzeuge can trace its beginnings back as far as 1782 to the Gute Hoffnung Hütte ironworks company in Oberhausen, Germany. Their innovative mining machines are marketed to mining companies in Africa, Australia, China, Europe, Turkey, South America, Russia and North America.

GHH’s newest LHD, the LF-21H, is a result of the company’s “mission to create a powerful vehicle that is up to date with technology and ergonomic requirements but at the same time has GHH’s robust design.”

The new LF-21H, with a payload of 21-tonne loads, hauls and dumps faster than older models. This reliable and modern machine with a hydrostatic drive train and modern monitoring system, has a low maintenance cost due to its simple robust design; all daily maintenance points are at ground level with centralized service points. The LHD comes with advanced automation features and condition monitoring systems as well.

The LF-21H is powered by a powerful, reliable and economical off-road diesel engine that complies with EU Stage IV/ EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations.

GHH sees a great future for electric driven underground vehicles as a result of stricter health and security standards and regulations for underground equipment. As a solution, GHH has been offering a range of tethered/cable powered electric LHDs with loading capacities from 10 tonnes up to 21 tonnes.

The company states that it has recently added a battery to the newest design of its tethered 19-tonne LHD, the LF-19. “Its drive train includes a water cooled electric motor and new electronics to reduce power and space consumption. The cable drum has a maximum capacity of 280 metres allowing for an action radius above 550 metres. It collects the cable in a predefined pattern and thus maximizes the lifetime of the cable resulting in best in class operating cost.”

The battery enables the LHD to relocate independently and can be used as an over boost offering superior loading and acceleration performance and optimized cycle times. It also reduces the requirements for the electric mine infrastructure. GHH plans to offer a battery option for all its tethered LHDs in the future.

Carlos Bravo, General Manager, North America, for GHH Mining and Tunneling, spoke to Resource World about the LF-21H and GHH’s new US office serving the North American market. “The LF-21H is a perfect match between efficiency and performance that can work in very hard conditions. It has an aggressive bucket design, ergonomic cabin, excellent visibility and it has a tier 4 engine. We are very confident that is an excellent product for the North American market. Also, we think that we can provide a much better service and support to our customers with our new office in Toledo, Ohio. We have all the spare parts and services that the customer’s need for their operations. From here, we will serve the North American market at the beginning and grow from here.”


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